Woman On The Pier

I saw her on the pier on a cloudy, gray,windy day
The kind of day where you know it will rain at any moment
She leaned against the railing staring at the waves below
The wind blowing her hair in tangles around her face
While bodily on the pier her thoughts were elsewhere
Lost in her own head, reflections as tangled as her hair


Sundae Bath

I’m going to take a bath
But not the kind with water and soap
I’m going to bathe in a tub of ice cream
Instead of bubbles I’ll have loads of chocolate syrup
On top of my head a pile of whip cream
And of course a cherry balanced on the tip of my nose
Oh how yummy, sticky, delicious I will be

Monday Through Sunday

Monday I eat berries and cream with a lovely hippo named Lady Louise.

Tuesday I take an art class with four merry mice called Hop, Twitch, Larry, and Cheese.

Wednesday I play cards and get cheated by a sneaky fox known as Mister Ruckle.

Thursday I wander in the history museum with an ancient tortoise simply called Uncle.

Friday I stay up late watching movies with a toothy alligator answering to Miss Van Leak.

Saturday I nap and talk about dreams with a fuzzy, flabby, tabby calling himself Wink.

Sunday I hide in my hidey-hole I need some time alone.

The Gray Mansion

The man with a pointed beard and bow tie
I had seen him before
Paid him no attention
He had watched me
And he knew me

He was tall and uncomfortably lean
His suit dark blue and refined
Yet old-fashioned
I had seen him before
Paid him no attention

He approached me and inclined his head
It’s time you knew more
He whispered and extended his hand
He had watched me
And he knew me

I asked what I needed to know
He chuckled
It is time to see
View through a new lens
Less foggy

Afraid and intrigued I followed him
Toward a grassy hill
Green and lovely
I had played here
I knew this hill

To the top we climbed
The bearded man made jokes
He laughed and giggled
I grinned dumbly
I did not get them

A large gray mansion sat atop the hill
It was ancient and stately
But it had never been here before
I had played here
I knew this hill

When was this house built I asked
Oh so long ago he said
No one remembers
It has always been here
You just didn’t see it

With a knowing smile he took my hand
Lead me up the steep stairs
Made from wide dull stone
Reaching the front door
Slightly ajar

Inside he we went through many rooms
Like a labyrinth I was soon lost
Finally at the end of a hall
A rickety ladder
Up to a hole in the ceiling

He straightened his bow tie and bowed deeply
With formal hands he gestured
Pointing to the ladder and up
Up there I asked
He nodded

What is up there and why should I go
You go first I insisted
He giggled
This ladder is not mine
Only for you

At the top you will have a new view
Look from a new perspective
On what you think you know
In this new light
Things look different

So up I went each rickety rung
Splinters sliding into my palms
Through the hole
Past the rafters
Popping out on the roof

Below lay a valley
The valley that I lived in
It looked smaller than what I felt
There were shadows
And there were bright spots

I saw the people I knew
Family, friends, enemies, acquaintances
But they looked different
Some dull and gray
Others glossy

People who I thought important
Faded in the background
Others I dismissed were up front
Some dull and gray
Other glossy

I saw my parents
But not as looming authority
Not perfect and all knowing
They were just people
Full of  triumph and mistake
Made of guesswork

Small sparkly lights
Twinkled and mingled with the people
Some buzzing around rapidly
Others hovering and tranquil
The people did not notice them

Somehow I knew each light
I knew each had meaning
They were memories, wild emotion
They were rewards, consequences
The people did not notice them

I stared forever
But when I went down the ladder
It felt like only moments
But I felt forever changed
I felt small

The thin, blue suited man was waiting
He guided me silently
To a parlor with a table
Two wing back chairs
A plate of treats and hot tea

I sat and looked at my hands
The splinters from the ladder
Were numerous and stung
They won’t come out
The man told me

He gave me a cup of tea
And we sat in silence
Then his face cracked with a grin
I told you he giggled
It is all different now

I sipped the hot tea
My hands still stung
Still seeing lights before my eyes
Yes it was all different now
There is more to my life than me