Stuck To My Shoe

Something is stuck to the bottom of my shoe
I believe it is a piece of gum
Gummy Dummy
There is a a twig in the gum
Twiggy Wiggy
There are berries on the twig
Berry Merry
There is a mouse eating the berries
Mousy Lousey
There is a cat biting the mouse
Catty Fatty
There is an old lady grabbing the cat’s tail
Oldy Moldy
There are peanuts in the old lady’s pocket
Nutty Putty
There is an elephant grabbing the peanuts
Elephanty Bellephanty
There is a goat on the elephant’s back
Goaty Toaty
There is an apple in the goats mouth
Appley Happley
There is a worm in the apple
Wormy Gormy

There seems to be lots stuck to my shoe
I’ll just take it off and leave it here


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